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Grateful Dead Live at Carousel Ballroom on 1968-03-29

Audio Preview

Grateful Dead Live at Carousel Ballroom on 1968-03-29

Topics Live concert

Disk 1 [33:44]
01. [06:42] Morning Dew ;
02. [07:36] //Turn On Your Lovelight ;
03. [01:46] Cryptical Envelopment >
04. [03:31] The Other One >
05. [04:25] Cryptical Envelopment >
06. [09:21] New Potato Caboose >
07. [00:20] Born Cross-Eyed#

1. An amazing aud tape for the time

Collection GratefulDead
Band/Artist Grateful Dead
Venue Carousel Ballroom
Location San Francisco, CA

Source Audience
Lineage AUD > ?? > CDR > EAC (secure) > Cool Edit (minor fixes) > CD Wave (retracking) > mkwACT > SHN (seekable)
Transferred by Raoul Duke and Matt Vernon


AUD > ?? > CDR; via Raoul Duke; seeded to etree by Matt Vernon


Reviewer: njpg - favoritefavoritefavorite - March 30, 2012
Subject: 1st set is better,
being a more consistent performance, but this is pretty good nonetheless.
Reviewer: mklsgl - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - May 24, 2011
Subject: That "Logo" thing...
is Garcia's face!
Reviewer: splue - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - May 24, 2011
Subject: logo thingy EMERGENCY
CAN SUMONE PLZ TELL ME is thees logo below in a guys review, a CAT, a CHIPMUNK, A CAR from CARS, or LITTLE LULU upsidedown?? this is rly affecting my life in a
profound way!!!! thx in advance

--------->LOGO recut & repasted:

Reviewer: bluestones - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - May 24, 2011
Subject: New Potato Caboose
New Potato Caboose seems to have 4 elements to it. A graceful opening with spacey vocals, a groovy buildup, a howling guitar solo and a triumphant ending. Here is my poll on the best versions.

For the vocals, the honor goes to 10/12/68. Nothing beats the studio vocals but the ones on this particular show are very nice. Pig's absent and it's all Jerry in there.

I believe the Valentine's Day '68 show has the best buildup to a guitar solo. Phil isn't soloing yet but the stuff he's playing is sending him on his way to Bass God Grad School.

The best ending, would originally have been the one from Two From The Vault but after gaining a further appreciation of electric bass and hearing what Phil plays behind Jerry on this version I'd have to go with the Fillmore West 3/1/69 version.

As for the best guitar solo, it's this one. No question about it. In terms of guitar solos on New Potato Caboose, Jerry never sounded as good as this in later versions.

I'm not really a fan of the show besides New Potato. So, I'll give it 4.
Reviewer: smileX3 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - July 23, 2010
Subject: The Boys at Their Best
This is what it's all about!
Reviewer: deadheaddave - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - April 22, 2009
Subject: Wow!
This tape really brings the heart of what this band was all about to the forefront. "Fear and Loathing at the Carousel". I believe Raoul Duke is a psuedonym for Hunter S. Thompson. I believe that crazy bastard uploaded this. How can you even critique this tape? It's The Dead at the Carousel! Listening to this is a mystical experience. The bass is actually quite deep on this recording, and so cool as it sounds like it is reverberating into the halls of the old building. Garcia's guitar is howling out long sustained notes on New Potato. The shear artistry of this period is amazing. This sounds to me like a genuine hippy archival recording. It reeks of authenticity, and taped by a mad narcotics agent, how can you go wrong, you cop?
Reviewer: oh_uh_um_ah - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - March 30, 2009
Subject: The GRATEFUL DEAD "Live On Stage" March 29, 1969, at the Carousel Ballroom, San Francisco, CA, U.S.A.


41 years ago, the GRATEFUL DEAD played the Carousel Ballroom.

Sounds like a mono soundboard that's been digitally enhanced. It sounds fantastic for an audience tape from baffles my mind to think it is an audience tape.

Eat, Drink, Be Merry and Listen to the GRATEFUL DEAD.

thanks for the LOVE from 1968.
Reviewer: Cliff Hucker - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - February 8, 2009
Subject: Best '68 audience recording
No doubt the best audience recording of 1968, this file is actually superior to many '69 soundboards!

A tremendous performance as well. Though I think the band has lost a bit of momentum after breaking through during the amazing Quick/Dead tour. This is still very special and certainly as good or better than the balance of what circulates from March.

This show blazes from the opening notes of Morning Dew through the tragically cut Born Cross Eyed. The high-point is, of course, the incredible nine minute New Potato Caboose, which just might be the best ever performed.

Clearly the best Aud of March, this gem rivals even 3/16 and 3/30 (sbds), not only sonically, but the playing is first-rate as well. Only 3/17 in Download Series quality is superior.

What a shame we will never hear what just might be the best Born Cross Eyed ever played...
Reviewer: L. Rosley - favoritefavoritefavorite - February 8, 2009
Subject: Inferior to other shows of the period
The performance just doesn’t match other shows of the period.
Morning Dew: 5 stars. Excellent
Lovelight: 2 stars Sloppy and repetitive, doesn’t go anywhere.
Cryptical> Other One3 stars. Not a log of energy. Not as good as the January, February or ’67 versions.
Cryptical reprise: 3.5-to-4 stars. Things pick up here
New Potato: 4 stars. Not bad. The jam after the vocals starts off lackluster, but improves. Again, listen to the ’67 and 2/68 versions.
A rare Born Cross-Eyed – The only played it one more time after this, on the following night. Too bad it’s only a fragment.

The audio quality is fine, but the audio of the 3/26 show (also an audience recording) is better, less echo.
Reviewer: tree-ap - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - November 19, 2008
Subject: really good audience recording
There was a review below saying this lost points due to the sound quality. I have to say honestly that this is a REALLY GOOD audience recording considering the technology of the day. You can hear the people who were around the microphone, but the music comes through pretty clear. Phil seems a little low, but the vocals are spot on. Other than that, my only complaints are that Lovelight starts at what is probably about half way through the song & Born Cross-eyed has only 20sec of it.
Reviewer: hwy41hustler - favoritefavoritefavorite - December 31, 2007
Subject: New Comer
So, I'm twenty-seven and wasn't born or thought about in 1968 but in my short days listning to the DEAD this was what seemed to be an awesome show. The New Potato is rockin' sucks Cross-Eyed was ebruptly ended. Overall Great set lists, I guess my generation is spoiled well I know it is, I just can't get past the sound quality! Only reason not rated higher
Reviewer: Randothemusicmando - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - May 7, 2006
Subject: Disagrement
I would have to say something to your comment. I have both the 3/30 and 3/29 at Carousel and like them both equally.
Reviewer: skwimite - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - February 17, 2006
Subject: Amazing
Amazing for sound quality and performance. To paraphrase John Madden, if you don't like this, you don't like the Grateful Dead. Thanks to those involved.
Reviewer: CARGO ZOMBIE - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - January 21, 2006
Subject: Download NOW!!!!
Fantastic sound quality for 1968 AUD. Listening to this brings a whole new perspective of the Deads younger days. Great energy and you can't go wrong with the New Potato. Great listen and well worth the download.
Reviewer: williscat2000 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - September 18, 2005
Subject: morning dew sounds great
morning dew makes this worth a listen.
Reviewer: spleenboy - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - February 16, 2005
Subject: duplicate entry...
(damned software).
Reviewer: Jim F - favoritefavoritefavorite - February 3, 2005
Subject: Well, I'll be the second.
I found this show to be rather boring, compared to other era shows. 3/30 is WAAAAAAY better, in my opinion. I still give it 3 stars, cause any 68 show, or any show with New Potato or Born Cross-Eyed still deserves some credit.
Reviewer: spleenboy - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - February 3, 2005
Subject: virgin snow
so i'm the first to write about this show? sound quality is acceptably decent for the time. set list to die for. Anthem of the Sun show...another sacred relic.
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